Special Rules

These rules are of course only a guideline — feel free to introduce your own rules during game-play to enhance the Zombicide experience.

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  1. Line of sight within buildings is limited to one adjoining zone that shares an open doorway.
  2. Walkways next to the water are considered open spaces and full line of sight rules apply.
  3. The round grates on the walkways count as 'sewer manholes' for spawning purposes.
  4. Actors may enter the water from any walkway edge.
  5. Zombies will try to cross water if it is the quickest route to a Survivor.
  6. Steel bridges will not collapse.
  7. Bridges made of wooden planks will collapse if the total number of damage to kill all Actors exceeds 10. e.g. Survivor=2, Walker=1, Fatty=2, Abomination=3, Lost=5
  8. Bridges are considered separate zones from the water beneath them.
  9. Actors in the water may pass underneath bridges, and cannot make melee attacks against actors on the bridge above them — they may still use ranged attacks as normal.
  10. Actors on bridges cannot make melee attacks against actors in the water below them — they may still use ranged attacks as normal.
  11. An A-Bomb in the water may still pull you into his zone if you are on an adjacent walkway, or on a bridge above or adjacent to the A-Bomb's zone.
  12. Survivors must spend 2 actions to move 1 zone in water.
  13. All zombies can move only 1 zone per turn in water — Dogs, runners and any other zombies with more than 1 action per turn may still use their additional actions to attack.
  14. Actors may exit the water from the stairs only, unless another actor has the ability to shove, push, pull, grab or otherwise move an actor from/into adjacent zones, e.g. Lifesaver, Shove — The A-Bomb may grab you out of the water while standing on walkways, or bridges.
  15. If an actor in the water ends their turn adjacent to an open water drain (whirlpool) they will be immediately dragged into the zone containing the whirlpool.
  16. Survivors must spend 3 actions to escape from a whirlpool and move to an adjacent zone.
  17. Zombies can not escape from a whirlpool, and receive 1 wound for each full turn they are caught. These wounds are cumulative. A zombie gets sucked away once they have received wounds to the total value of their damage rating. e.g. Walkers and runners each disappear after their first full turn in the whirlpool; fatties can survive for 2 turns; and abominations can survive for 3 turns. Even the A-Bomb will be sucked away after 3 turns.
  18. If a survivor starts and ends the same turn in the same whirlpool that has 1 or more zombies caught in it, the survivor receives 1 (and only 1) wound regardless of how many zombies are in the whirlpool.